She,s dying but…

In recent months, celebrity actress Angelina Jolie has been a global concern for preventing breast cancer and breast cancer. It is reported in many publications that such a decision could negatively affect the actor’s career. He sent a letter to The New York Times that he was about to become involved in the surgery. He has been translated into full length.

“My mother had been struggling with cancer for over 10 years, and then died at age 56. My mother grew up with her first hand and raised her warm hands, but my other children grew up not knowing how wonderful my mother was. I’ve always had a problem with “I do not have to worry about it.” In fact, the risk of breast and ovarian cancer increases, and doctors have breast cancer, 87%, ovarian cancer Brother estimated that 50 percent of breast cancer risk. changes caused by a hereditary gene.

The only thing I knew was trying to reduce the risk of the risk as much as possible. So I decided to go to the breast. On April 27, my treatment lasted for three months. In the past days I have kept all this secret from everyone. But at this moment I want to speak openly to everyone. So I’m writing this message. It is hoped that the women who need the same choices will have little to do. Cancer is a potent weakness. Today, we have a blood test that can prevent disease, such as cancer and ovarian cancer. The symptoms of my illness began on February 2. Two weeks later, the main operation took place. The operation lasted for eight hours. After such surgery, you will definitely have a breathing apparatus. It looks like it’s in the movie.

However, as day passes, you will move into your normal life. After nine weeks, all of my surgery has ended. In the last seven days of surgery, your face will look beautiful. Why I’m going to say this is to say that breast cancer is not easy for women who are suffering from cancer worldwide. But I’m really happy with that decision. Because of this surgery, the likelihood of breast cancer decreased to five percent. I can now say I do not need to worry about losing my mother for breast cancer. I will never say that I am a woman. I’ve made a good choice for my woman and I’m always proud of myself. I would like to express my gratitude to my beloved partner.

Also, I would like to remind my youth that emotionally, my wife and mothers are the most important. Brad was there every minute of my surgery, looking for something to laugh. We made the best decision for our family. I know that it will help a little girl read this. Because of this illness, anyone who is suffering is advised to think about their family life and make the right choices before making a decision. There are many physicians worldwide. Check out the “Pink Lotus Breast Center” email. All the information you need is there. According to the World Health Organization, 485,000 people die from breast cancer annually and in developing countries. I want to share with you all the knowledge of breast cancer. Life has many criteria. Do not be afraid of any of them, and never lose your control. ”

Dear: Angelina Jolie

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